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hello!! welcome 2 the kitty eshrine :3

kitties r probably 1 of the cutest land* animals
kitties r very fluffers n can fit through tiny spaces n stun predators (source: trust me bro), kitties also evolved 2 b fluffers so they could look BIGGER 2 scare away predators, n 2 also survive long falls (they also keep their legs downward n spread as they fall)
humans domesticated kitties over 10k years ago because humans didnt like how there were rodents on their ships n in their houses
kitties dont like water because it takes a long time 4 them 2 dry (like me?!)
the myth that kitties have 9 lives is caused by the fact that they have swift movement that can dodge dangers, n also the fact that they do have 9 lives /j
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