Sexy Pink Heart


1st there were these 3 eye creatures, but the child started doing weird stuff n killed the parents, n these scientist tried 2 figure out what happened
2nd a black hole opened up in the solar system, sucking everything in
3rd i did a challenge where i had 2 shoot these square thingies n i almost got kicked out because i did the challenge "too naturally"
3.5th this poor child (which was probably an imbodiment of my trauma) was watching inflation (like mlp inflation) videos on his phone
4th sonic, tails, n rose were siblings n did a roller coaster thingy n then elise shows up n started telling us slug facts n knuckles n robotnik was there?? also that green guy from sonic underground
5th some nonbinary teenager tried 2 eat bendy batim toys n got 4, ate 1, forgot they still had 3, bought another 1 or 2, then went back 2 eating the other batim plushies (poor bendy :C)
i WAS listening 2 cats on mars by gabriela robin so that COULD explain it . . .


i had 2 do this parkour heaven thing where i had 2 dodge satan popping up from places, it was kind of in a roblox style at the start but got realistic not so long from it starting
i had 2 do this parkour thing so i could get in2 heaven (despite me not even beliving in that sort of stuff /nbr /nm) n there was this part where u had 2 choose what anime girl 2 wanted 2 b?? i do like anime so its explainable
when we (all the 3 surviving(??) parkourers) finnished it we got 2 go 2 an anime boy photoshoot where u got 2 b an anime boy not of ur choice but u could choose how much editing was on ur face
when we REALLY went back 2 our homes, like 4 cats (2 at a time) showed up at my house n my mom who i lived with was understandably excited like me
in the end, i got this thing called a "satan bite" (idk if thats a real thing /gen) which in this dream was when there was a mysterious bite in ur food (this food was like a fragile n red pound cake)


the 1st 1 was weird, there was this plain (not plane) that had monsters or something, it reminded me of my southpark dream. i think it was in that world, it looked really similar. all the monsters i remember were a doll or bird, n then a bird human hybrid that i told 2 bite me but when i kicked them my legs were heavy
the 2nd 1 was also weird, it was like i went back in time - i saw murphy n toby, my 2 cats who rnt with us anymore. i got 2 treat murphy n toby the way i didnt; equally. i saw other pets who rnt even real animals 2, i guess i can draw them later? (i just woke up) my caretakers (mom n memaw because im fatherless) were either just throwing an autism creature-themed party or it was my bday party
there was a short 3rd 1 where i tried 2 write about my dream in this neocity! i just thought it was cute n cool :3


1st, i went back 2 school n met some people i havent seen in a long time :) i cant rember who they were niether can i rember if they were actually real
2nd, i was a 5th grader or something in kindergarten n was with some other people who were way past kindergarten but werent kindergarteners (dont ask me what happened, we ended up rolling with it) n we did a few things (unlike the last dream), like we chose letters 2 make words 4 halloween
i have been homeschooled 4 a while n i do miss going 2 school a lot so maybe thats y
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