Sexy Pink Heart


This neocities is primarely in "broken" English because I type weird :3 I'm 99% sure that if you replace multiple words with numbers and make word-number amalgamations that you need a warning for that.

There may be some triggering stuff like anime (Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh) and cats (felinophobia) because I love anime and cats so much.
There are moving images. Many moving images.

(Today > 2day, To, Too > 2, For > 4, No One > no1, Someone > some1. You > u, Your & You're > ur. Sleepy > eepy & eepers, Sleeping > eeping, Sleep > eep, eepers. Forgot > forgor, Remember > rember. i normally type in all lower case (like this). I often use emojis (🎉), emoticons(:3), and kaomojis (\(▽ ̄ \ ( ̄▽ ̄) /  ̄▽)/).)